The Underlying Reasons, Why Global Sevilla Emphasize Mindfulness Approach

When it comes to mindfulness, then you might hear this idea from a yoga practitioner. But in the education field, the idea is not that far-fetched. It is very much alike while the impact can be huge for academic achievement. Global Sevilla is an international school Jakarta Barat that uses the method for their student. But, why so? Here is the explanation.

Reasons Why Integrating Mindfulness Approach For Study 

1. The Stress And Anxiety Level Can Affect Students’ Performance

Everyone can feel stress and under pressure. It can be the teacher, parents, or students. In this case, this particular condition will affect students’ performance. They are unable to focus, absorb the materials, and eventually distracted with their thought in the classroom. It is not only bad for their performance, but also emotion.

A child who is unable to control their stress or anxiety might show tantrums or making problems at school. That is why mindfulness is integrated into the Global Sevilla learning programs. It is mainly to help them cherish the current moment, appease their problem, reflect on their stress, and behavior to finally focus on international school Jakarta Barat.

2. Under Pressure Is One Of The Reason Students Unable To Learn

Under pressure is the root of many emotional problems. The easiest example is stress and anxiety. Many International schools will come with a higher bar for their programs. Whether it is for language or the programs, many parents know that students need to learn more so they won’t leave behind.

This mindset will build pressure on the children’s shoulders. Making them wanted be better, even though it means they should do whatever it takes. Thus, they are unable to learn, or even worse cheating for their study. In this case, Global Sevilla tries to lift those burdens. Showing them how to enjoy life and avoid any negative though.

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3. Balancing The Achievement And Mental Condition

Happy students happy score. Probably that is the perfect depiction of this international school Jakarta Barat. They want each of the students to have a balanced study that means great at academics and also become thoughtful people. They are smart, but they are also understanding, emphatic, and have an excellent personality.

It can be said that mindfulness holds a strong role in the education field. It might be inferior, but it brings a passive yet positive impact for the students. They can focus, solving their stress and anxiety, become happier people, and eventually get a balanced person who is great at achievement and also able to manage their physiological condition in the future.

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